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"Deutsche in Australien" - Companion volume of the special exhibition has been published

The DAH edition has just published a new book that illustrates 225 years of German-Australian history in ten chapters.

Tanja Fittkau, Lena Jung und Christoph Bongert, historians at the German Emigration Center, cover the first encounters Germans made with the Aboriginal peoples, the foundation of the Lutheran community, German gold diggers and natural scientists, as well as life Down Under as experienced by young people participating in Work and Travel since 2000.


New Library on Migration History

Bremerhaven is now one research establishment richer:

On the occasion of the German Emigration Center's 8th birthday the award-winning museum opened an extensive library with specialist literature on the history of German migration. For over 15 years the "Circle of Friends" collected literature dealing with the topic of emigration and immigration history and in this manner built up a unique reference library.


Germans in Australia

Special Exhibition: September 30, 2013 – March 30th, 2014

In the 1850s, the passage from Bremerhaven to Australia for sailing vessels averaged fifteen long weeks. By 1851, passengers, who undertook the difficult voyage, were mainly young men tempted by the gold finds in Australia.