Would you like to find out more about the topics presented in the exhibition or simply take home a souvenir of your personal trip to the museum?

The museum shop at the German Emigration Center has a well-assorted selection of appropriate souvenirs and gift items for all ages: books, specialties and lovely little gift items, all related to emigration and immigration, family research and the Bremerhaven region. Our shop is open daily during museum opening hours.

Publications of the German Emigration Center

Germans in Australia, 1788 – Today, Simone Blaschka-Eick, Edition Deutsches Auswandererhaus (Publ.), Bremerhaven 2013 7,90 EUR
The German Emigration Center Book, Edition Deutsches Auswandererhaus (Publ.), Bremerhaven 2009. Available in German and English. 12.80 EUR
Pacific Palisades – German-Language Writers on the Road to Exile in California 1932-1941, Edition Deutsches Auswandererhaus (Publ.), Bremerhaven 2006. Available in German only. 11.80 EUR
Off to Buenos Aires! German Emigrants and Refugees in the 20th Century, Edition Deutsches Auswandererhaus (Publ.), Simone Eick, Bremerhaven 2008. Available in German only. 11.80 EUR
Stories of Flight, From and to Germany, Biographies and Background Information. 1933-2011, Simmone Eick, Karin Heß,Edition Deutsches Auswandererhaus (Publ.), Bremerhaven 2011. Available in German only. 14.50 EUR
Off to the New World! Three Centuries of German Emigrants, Simone Eick, Hamburg 2010. Available in German only 24.95 EUR
New York Was Our City: Frisians in America, Heike Götz, Christiane Greve, Herausgeber: Simone Eick, Katrin Quirin, Edition Deutsches Auswandererhaus (Publ.), Bremerhaven 2011. Available in German only. 9.80 EUR