"Deutsche in Australien" - Companion volume of the special exhibition has been published

The DAH edition has just published a new book that illustrates 225 years of German-Australian history in ten chapters. Tanja Fittkau, Lena Jung und Christoph Bongert, historians at the German Emigration Center, cover the first encounters Germans made with the Aboriginal peoples, the foundation of the Lutheran community, German gold diggers and natural scientists, as well as life Down Under as experienced by young people participating in Work and Travel since 2000.

In 2011, over 900,000 of the 21 million Australians stated that they are of German descent. "Deutsche in Australien, 1788 – heute", published by the German Emigration Center as a companion volume for the current special exhibition (Germans in Australia, 1788 – today), provides a fascinating overview of their eventful history.

"Deutsche in Australien, 1788 – heute", published by Simone Blaschka-Eick, Bremerhaven: edition DAH 2013, ISBN 978-3-00-044574-3, 52 pages, 7,90 Euro.