Take your class on a journey through time

Experience history year round and get a better understanding of population migration at the German Emigration Center. The harborside museum vividly conveys the significance of emigration and immigration in the past and present to schoolchildren by using a historical and personal approach. In the long term, the German Emigration Center wants to encourage the development of inter-cultural skills in its young visitors and helps contribute to constructive opinion making regarding the population migration.

This theme museum offers a unique extracurricular opportunity to complement instruction in the classroom. Schoolchildren take a journey in time amidst replicas of historical scenes. Their voyage starts on a wharf accompanying a German emigrant to the United States, Brazil or Argentina. Later they meet an individual who immigrated to Germany from their homeland in the last 300 years. Numerous stations provide the children and youths with information about the social background that led to the migration movements to and from Germany.

On an interdisciplinary level, topics can be arranged and combined with the curriculum of many subjects. As a result of a multilingual education program, the school program provides an exciting gateway to the communication languages of our globalised world. It also provides an understanding of proficiency, social skills and self-competence needed for social cooperation.


Offers for elementary school classes

At the German Emigration Center, elementary schoolchildren are taught in a playful and sustainable manner. Our children's tours look closely at the emotions involved in emigration and immigration. They experience feelings of joy, hope, parting and sorrow during their journey through time and countries. They also learn what motivated the people who left their home countries to start a new life in faraway place.

Offers for junior and high school students

Based on real life stories, the students see the historical and political factors that persuaded the individual to emigrate from Germany, or migrate from their home country to Germany. They also learn how the immigrants got settled in their new surroundings. For junior and high school students we recommend a rally, a general overview tour or one of the four subject-related tours. These educational tours are given by our dedicated and experienced museum staff and are adapted to match the respective knowledge level of the group. The education offer finishes with the current special exhibition and a round of talks with a member of the research staff.


Equipped with worksheets, the students discover the museum on their own and answer questions relevant to historic as well as current emigration and immigration issues. Whereas the tasks for junior high school students highlight learning and experiencing migration, the tasks for high school students also involve the implementation of historical dates and facts within the museum based on presentation, objects and texts. The tour is suitable for history and languages classes also. The guided tours are offered in German, English, French and Spanish (junior high school level).


In small groups, students broaden their knowledge of a selected topic in 90 minute workshops.

Round of talks

Following the tour, school groups (min. 15 students) can participate in 30 minutes of questions and discussions with a member of the research staff. When booking the tour, please inquire whether a round of talks can be scheduled for the relevant date.

Information for teachers

Take advantage of the opportunity to visit the museum before coming with a school group. We offer tours and information events for teachers to present our education program. The interdisciplinary topics offered by the German Emigration Center can be combined with many subjects. They can be incorporated into the curriculum of many subjects including:






Values and standards

Global environmental studies

The German Emigration Center also offers worksheets for the preparation and follows up of your visit to the museum. They are available for elementary and high school aged students.

Seminars for teachers

Bildung Ahoi! 5th Information days for teachers in Bremerhaven.

When? Summer 2014.

What? Extracurricular locations in Bremerhaven present their education program.

Who? The German Emigration Center, the Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8°Ost, the Deutsches Schifffahrstmuseum, the Zoo am Meer, the Historical Museum, Phänomenta Bremerhaven

Booking: booking information will be announced in due course.


German Emigration Center
Columbusstraße 65
D-27568 Bremerhaven
Tel.: 0471/ 9 02 20-0
Fax.: 0471/ 9 02 20-22


Admission / Students5.80 EUR per person
Rally sheet1.70 EUR per person
General overview tour2.80 EUR per person
Subject-related tour3.00 EUR per person
Foreign-language tour3.00 EUR per person
Round of talks (min. 15 persons, 30 minutes)2.50 EUR per person
Workshop (min. 15, max. 25 persons)Flat-rate 80.00 EUR

A written registration is required for school classes. Do not hesitate to request our booking form. One teacher per school class is admitted free of charge.

9.00 EUR (postage not included)

The information material for teachers includes worksheets and tasks for preparation and follow up in the classroom. It also provides general information about the museum as well as further reading. The worksheets were developed with the generous support of the Sparkasse Bremerhaven.

Please note that teachers are responsible for supervising the school groups in the exhibition.

Guided tours for elementary schoolchildren (booked as a school class) admission includes the guided tour:

Information material for teachers: (only in German) 8.60 EUR /student

Members of our staff will be glad to give you some tips regarding accommodation and recreational offers in and around Bremerhaven. Additional information is also available at

The education Flyer is also available for download here. (in German)

Adult education

Events and guided tours for senior citizens

Guided tours for senior citizens are held on the first Monday of the month at 2 PM at the German Emigration Center. The museum is accessible for wheelchair users and sufficient seating is available in the exhibition area. Headphones are available for the hard of hearing. Please note that numbers are limited for these tours


German Emigration Center
Columbusstraße 65
D-27568 Bremerhaven
Tel.: 0471/ 9 02 20-0
Fax.: 0471/ 9 02 20-22